Thursday, October 9, 2008

Indomie Salad

All of us have a version of this recipe, probably called “oriental salad” or something like that. The great thing about this version is that it uses cheap, ubiquitously available local ingredients.
Indomie is a very popular brand of instant noodles. In addition to having a packet of powdered seasonings, like Ramen in the States, is also has little packets of powdered chiles, flavored oil, and sweet soy sauce.
1 package Indomie, in a flavor you like
½ head of Chinese cabbage
2 or 3 green onions
salted cashews (more readily available here than almonds)
celery, carrot, tomato, or orange or apple sections
½ cup vinegar (5% acetic acid; if using 20%, remember to dilute)
3 tablespoons brown sugar or palm sugar
Chop the cabbage, onions, cashews, and additional fruit or vegetable. Put in a bowl that seals.
Open Indomie. Remove the seasoning packets but leave the noodles in the bag. Crumble up the noodles in the bag, then dump on the chopped veggies.
Measure vinegar into a measuring cup. Stir in the brown sugar or palm sugar. One at a time, open and add the Indomie powder seasoning packet, as much of the powdered chile as you like, and (this is where it can get messy) the flavored oil and soy sauce. Stir mixture until the sugar and seasonings are completely dissolved. Pour over the salad in the bowl, seal the bowl, shake well, and refridgerate 1+ hours. The noodles will absorb the vinegar mixture and become soft.

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