Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tractor Cake for A Three-Year-Old

You can find much better-looking tractor cakes if you Google it, but this is my version. We used two loaf pans, two small Pyrex bowls, and two cupcake cups to get the desired shapes. A lot of toothpicks holding it together. My little bro built the foil-covered cardboard platform on which we raised the cake. A great use of his architectural training to serve others. The grill and the headlights are licorice candy. The steering wheel is a peppermint patty.
The three-year-old immediately recognized it as a tractor cake and was very pleased.


dogimo said...

Hey hey! That tractor cake looks great!

Love the logo. SW


No, I will not say, "SWEET!"

Whew. Close one.

Jen said...

SWEET. Sweet comment, and sweet of you to still be following when I have not been on the blogs - yours or mine - for 5 months.